Sales Support

TelcoSale can help you through any or all stages of the sales cycle, including:

  • Lead Qualification

Rigorous qualification and requalification of a bid at all stages to help control costs and profitability. This often highlights simple changes to a sales strategy that can massively improve the win chance.

  • Bid Development

Efficient development and accurate shaping of bids, no matter how complex, whether you’re working within the Public or Private sector, are involved in framework contracts, e-auctions or straight bids.

  • Negotiation

Insights and support throughout negotiations that can make all the difference to the final scope and price on a contract, or the best strategic position to take in a negotiation. We can also act in negotiations for clients within an agreed framework.

  • Sales Closure & Handover to Implementation

As the sale closes and the customer relationship begins, TelcoSale can help with a smooth handover into implementation of a contract.

  • Bid Team External Support

TelcoSale takes on those vital fine tuning actions that go beyond the core bid process, but can make a vital difference to sales success. Maybe you’re using a third-party supplier in your solution – we can sweep the market to benchmark the best technical and price option available for the project scope. Perhaps the skill-sets you need to deliver the solution are not readily available – we can help you source the right resources when you need them most.