New Clients


Darktrace is a cyber defense company with technology based on new mathematics and machine learning from the University of Cambridge emanating from leading government intelligence experts.

Darktrace has established a new category of cyber defense technology called the Enterprise Immune System.

If you think about the human immune system, at its core, it understands “self” and what is foreign to our bodies and a potential threat. This ability to understand “self” is critical to our ability to protect ourselves against serious threats to our wellbeing.

Similarly, Darktrace protects companies from serious threats by learning what is normal for an organisation and its people, and thereby spotting emerging anomalies. The Enterprise Immune System can deal with uncertainty and delivers adaptive protection for corporations from both insider threat and advanced cyber-attacks.

Darktrace have developed a white paper on the Enterprise Immune System, if you would like a copy or would like to considered for a "proof of value" trial please drop me an email.

Qsome are an automated software QA company based out of Melbourne, Australia.

They offer an integrated solution that brings together Selenium, Appium, Jenkins, etc, to enable fewer defects, faster releases and shorter testing cycles across all platforms and devices, be they web or mobile.

They significantly minimise testing time from weeks/days to hours, reduce bugs by over 70% and remove duplication of effort by combining load and functional testing via automated test scripts.

They simplify doing business by drastically reducing training overheads, removing capex requirements and offering a fixed fee engagement to encourage a spirit of partnership.

If you would like a copy of the "guide to automated software QA for IT decision maker" please drop me an email and I will forward a copy.