Parnerships, Alliances & Prime-sub Relationships 

TelcoSale offers two services in supporting you to identify and work with other businesses with the objective of developing new revenue. The first focuses on fostering relationships to help develop and launch new products and services and the second is specifically bid related in supporting you to identify businesses that can add value to a tender response you are making :

Product & Service Development

TelcoSale will work with you to identify areas where collaboration could deliver a significant upside in developing new products and services. Key steps would include:

  • Utilising Market Mapping data to identify your key strengths, weakness and aspirations in your target markets.
  • Mapping and identifying market capability to fill any potential capability gap
  • Assessing the market impact of collaborating and launching new products and services
  • Identification, engagement and negotiation with potential partners

Tender Response

TelcoSale can assist you on specific bids in identifying areas where the introduction of external capability could significantly improve your win chance. Key steps would include:

  • Development of a tender compliance / internal capability matrix
  • Assessment of internal capability gaps
  • Identification of potential external resources to plug capability gaps
  • Engagement and negotiation with specific partners/ suppliers

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Building enduring customer relationships is hard but more important than ever in these Covid times. It takes sales energy to develop customer relationships, fine tune opportunities, align value added support whilst balancing internal reporting demands.

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