With the evolution of value moving from the ownership of tangible assets to the soft application of data, the lines between traditional TMT sectors and the end market are becoming increasingly blurred.

As an example, the next generation of chips hitting the market are up to one fifth the power consumption of their predecessors at a substantially lower price point, this is driving a whole new generation of IOT devices which have the ability to be self-powering and "fit and forget" in nature". The ability of everything being connected to everything else has just taken a massive leap forward. For the first time Management Boards can see the usage patterns, failure rates and upgrade opportunities of their products in real time, unfiltered by human intervention or interpretation.

In the Public Sector sphere, Councils can install waste bins which report when they need to be emptied, parking spaces can inform you when they are free and guide you in and crowd sensors can pick up when and where there is unusual activity alerting authorities to attend.

TelcoSale which spans and operates in all the relevant TMT sectors is uniquely positioned to act as a catalyst for its Clients in bringing new thinking to both their operating models and their market offerings. We have supported an Asian Telco in re-focusing its business, have restructured an African Value Added supplier to meet the needs of the future including developing new market offerings and have worked with European businesses in repurposing and re-training their sales force into a true account management teams to support solution selling.

With the opportunities coming from areas such as robotics, E-healthcare, the code-ification of money and markets, the opportunities are endless.

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